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Membership in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship shall be eligible to all who give evidence to their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and who voluntarily hold to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. When a person chooses to be a part of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship and involve themselves, they are automatically considered a member. -Doctrines of the Saints Section 3c Article V

The Lord has asked us, the Latter Day Saints, to do a number of work in the last days. The Fellowship of Christ has been tasked with gathering lost sheep, housing the spiritually homeless, building temples, and organizing a school of the prophets. This takes time, talent, and financial resources. We need your help to help meet the Lord’s needs. 

How to Give

All should prayerfully determine how best to serve the Lord financially. Time is a tithe. Gifting what one has to those in need is an offering. Giving to local outreach programs or others need of financial help is a tithe and offering.

If you feel moved by the Spirit to give to the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, please make online donations here:

You will be given the option to share a one time donation, or to set up a reoccurring monthly donation. In addition, if you would like to tell us how to use the funds, you may select from the following:

  • IT
  • Scriptures
  • Missionary
  • Education
  • General Welfare
  • Temple/Worship

Checks or money orders (please do not send cash) may be mailed to:

The Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship
Post Office Box 1503
Miamisburg, Ohio, 45342

For those wishing to give of their time and talents, please email us:

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Temple Fund

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