The Fellowship of Christ

Holy Scriptures

of the Church of Jesus Christ

And all things shall be done by Common Consent in the Church by much prayer and faith, for all things ye shall receive by faith; and thus it is, Amen.” –Doctrines of the Saints 20b:2

As an ecumenical movement, the of Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship has an open canon. When the Church of Christ was organized April 6, 1830 the Bible, Old and New Testaments and the Apocrypha, and the Book of Mormon were unanimously accepted as scripture. Later, August 17, 1835 select revelations from Joseph Smith were unanimously accepted as scripture. These were later printed in the 1835 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants. On April 6, 2019 and 2020 the General Assembly of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship voted and sustained additional books and revelations officially canon for use in our ministries. Not all of the texts presented here have been sustained as canon for the Church of Jesus Christ. Having an open canon means that belief in canonized scripture is not a requirement for membership, and uncanonized works may be considered scripture by groups and individuals, as it helps them grow closer to Jesus Christ. We present the following to the world as the Word of God given to all the world through His servants in the Latter Day Saint movement. 

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The Holy

Everlasting Gospel

Doctrines of the Saints

List of Scriptures:

The Holy Bible

  • Old Testament 
  • Apocrapha
  • New Testament

The Everlasting Gospel 

  • The Book of Avahr
  • The Book of Mormon

Doctrines of the Saints 

  • Lectures on Faith
  • Doctrines of the Saints
  • Epistles of the Saints 
  • Hymns of the Saints

The Five Books of Moses

  • The Book of Beginnings
  • The Book of Joseph
  • The Book of Moses
  • The Book of Testimony
  • The Book of Instructions


  • The Book of Remembrance
  • The Book of Enoch
  • The Book of Abraham
  • The Book of Melchizedek
  • The Book of the Law of the Lord
  • The Visions and Parables of Zenos
  • The Writings of Moroni 
  • The Shulemna