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tree in glass

“Is the Fellowship of Christ a church? a religious movement? an idea? or is it something else all together? Behold, O man, the will of your God: The Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship is all these and more, for it is the very Kingdom of God.”

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diverse group of women

“Listen Israel to the voice of the Lord: …I command My daughters to amplify their voices, together in Sisterhood, and uplift and enrich one another so that balance between My sons and daughters can be found on the earth once again.”

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Messianic Jewish symbol with water in the background

“Who is the House of Israel? Who are my Covenant Peoples? And behold, I say unto thee that theses are the people of Israel: these are those of Yashar-El, the path Straight to God, these are those that shall seek my face, and turn not from me.”

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