The Fellowship of Christ

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The Fellowship of Christ

The Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, also known as The Fellowship, is a heartfelt online ecumenical movement that brings together members from various faiths in Christian unity. At our core, we are a nondenominational Latter Day Saint movement that embraces universalist ideals, emphasizing unity through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Drawing inspiration from Mormon Kabbalah and ubuntu philosophies, the Fellowship seeks to promote essential virtues like compassion, respect, and divine love. We seek to create a warm, inclusive community where diverse individuals can find spiritual fulfillment and connection through fellowship. By embracing these principles, the Fellowship strives to foster a loving environment where everyone is valued and supported on their spiritual journey.

Our Mission:

"To unite the unique gifts of God's diverse peoples in spirit and purpose, and in the spirit of Jesus Christ, shepherd the edification and wellbeing of all of God's creation through divine love, as the Kingdom of God fills and unifies the hearts, souls, minds, and strength of all."

Our Values

  • Represent through Service
  • Proclaim through Peace
  • Organize through Example
  • Assist through Action
  • Unite through Love
Man and two women giving a woman a blessing

Our Vision:

”Build and organize God's Kingdom on Earth through faith, compassion, and love.”

The Fellowship is a Bridge

A man approaches a bridge in the shape of JESUS

The Fellowship serves as a bridge, uniting Latter Day Saints, Mormons, fellow Christians, and all Abrahamic faiths and traditions. We seek to transcend the ideological divides that may have separated us. We also seek to embrace those outside the Abrahamic faiths, to work together in accomplishing common goals. Here, everyone is embraced without exception.

We affirm the belief that every individual is a divine child of God, created in the image of our Heavenly Parents (Genesis 1:26-27). We extend acceptance to all, regardless of religious affiliation, gender, gender identity, age, social class, nationality, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, or any other aspect of human diversity.

"You are the Church, and together we are a fellowship."