Revelation received by Apostle Alexei Christopher Mattanovich in the winter of 2018. This revelation was voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints April 6, 2020. In the words of Brother Mattanovich: “While pondering those who lived in previous times of cruelty and barbarism, of inequality and slavery, and often hearing such justified because it was common and they did not know better, I received the following.”

  1. Hear the words of the just Judge in Israel. I have told you that by their fruits you will know them, and the way to judge is as plain.
  2. You who are in the last days excuse the errors and abuses of those who came before you, saying We must judge them in regard to the custom of their times, even if such custom is to abuse the weak, to be merciless to the helpless, to take advantage of the less fortunate and to offend my little ones.
  3. Behold, the custom of all times is to be abusive and vain and greedy because the greater portion of the people are selfish and fearful and do not have love for their fellow beings in their hearts. They see not themselves look back from another’s eyes.
  4. But in all times and in all places, love and compassion have found their foothold on the earth and all people have had the choice to embrace love or hatred.
  5. There have always been prophets of peace among all people, whether they were known as such, or whether they claimed to be such, and they have either been heard and revered or ignored and persecuted according to the disposition of the people.
  6. There has never been a slaveholder, a deceitful merchant or a wife who wrought violence upon her stepchildren who did not hear the whisper of my Spirit declare Abomination! and shut me out from their hearts.
  7. You excuse the abuses of the ones who came before you because they did not have the law, and so shall those who come after you excuse your abuses, but they are excused in the minds of human beings alone and such shall be unable to justify you in the final reckoning,
  8. But I say that the law is love, and the law has always been had among all people from the beginning, for it is written upon your skins and in the marrow of your bones, for it is the law of life and death.
  9. So shall the people of the past be held to account, the same as the people who are today and those who are to come, for either my people accept my Spirit or they reject Me.
  10. There has been suffering from the beginning until now, and those who add to suffering are not excused from the beginning until now and forever. But those who relieve suffering, they have their reward, both now and forever.
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