Public Worship Services and Coronavirus or COVID-19

From the Newsroom of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship:

In light of coronavirus or COVID-19 the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship is recommending that group worship be suspended to avoid the spread of the illness.

The Fellowship recommends the following:

  • Follow safety guidelines for disease prevention. See the CDC recommendations for faith communities here.
  • Wash hands properly and avoid close contact.
  • Ration what you have, and be prepared to share with other. It is our duty as Christians to serve our communities in any way we can. See baptismal covenants here.
  • Continue to pray and reach out to one another through channels with little to no contact, such as social media, phone calls, or Zoom.

All are welcome to join in nondenominational worship services available every Sunday (update: now concluded due to the re-opening of churches). Please use the LDS Christian Fellowship Facebook group to make prayer requests, and keep in touch with fellow Saints. If you’d like to schedule a Fellowship meeting using our Zoom account, please contact David Ferriman: