Letter to William W. Phelps

The following epistle was written by Joseph Smith Jr. to William W. Phelps, November 27, 1832. Part of this Epistle as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as Section 85 of their Doctrine and Covenants. Inspired changes to the text have been placed in italics. The epistle will need to be voted on before full inclusion in the Doctrines of the Saints.  Chapter 1 1 Brother William W. Phelps, I say brother because I…

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To the Conference of Restoration Elders

AN EPISTLE OF ALEXEI TO THE CONFERENCE OF RESTORATION ELDERS COORDINATING COUNCIL AND THE SAINTS  OF INDEPENDENCE On December 27th , 2019, The Lord called for the scattered Saints in Independence and throughout the world to gather into a solemn assembly and repent individually and collectively as a people, and to begin to mend the divisions that as yet prevent the redemption of Zion and the building up of the Holy City. Many of the Saints obeyed and gathered together…

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Happiness Letter

The following letter was written by Joseph Smith Jr. to Nancy Rigdon, the daughter of early Church Leader Sidney Rigdon, in 1842. It may also be found recorded in Joseph Smith, History Volume D, dated August 27, 1842. This Epistle was voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints April 6, 2020. It will be included in the Epistles of Joseph Smith Jr. in the Doctrines…

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