Alexei, Apostle

To the Conference of Restoration Elders

AN EPISTLE OF ALEXEI TO THE CONFERENCE OF RESTORATION ELDERS COORDINATING COUNCIL AND THE SAINTSĀ  OF INDEPENDENCE On December 27th , 2019, The Lord called for the scattered Saints in Independence and throughout the world to gather into a solemn assembly and repent individually and collectively as a people, and to begin to mend the divisions that as yet prevent the redemption of Zion and the building up of the Holy City. Many of the Saints obeyed and gathered together…

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Personal Experiences and the Spirit of Discernment

All believers may receive discernment, but as a gift from God and not an ability we possess inherently, like all his power and miracles. We cannot use them wantonly or for our own purposes, and this is what we do when we pretend to know all or be able to instantly tell if someone is lying. We only know what the Spirit is willing to tell us and what we are willing to hear.

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