We believe in the same organization that existed in the Primitive Church, namely, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and so forth. -Sixth Article of Faith

The Fellowship is a movement, not a church or denomination. We are a nondenominational part of the Latter Day Saint movement, or Mormonism. The family is the first layer. Because all that are called may hold the keys of the priesthood, the father and/or mother may be the spiritual leader in the home. This is for them to workout through prayer and revelation. The same is true for same-sex couples. And, in polygamous relationships, it is recommended the decision be put to a vote.


Multiple families that worship together as a small congregation become a Synagogue, named after the home temple they worship in. Synagogue literally means “bring together.” We recommend those in the Synagogue prayerfully find a Pastor (a lone Bishop) to lead them. A larger Congregation would want to meet in a temple; a building bought by the local Congregation and dedicated to worshiping the Lord. We recommend a Congregation not exceed one hundred fifty adult seekers and disciples (Mosiah 9:51 RAV, 18:18 OPV).

Synagogues or Congregations are not actually officially or legally a part of the Fellowship, but nondenominational churches that work and are associated with us. These may be legally organized locally, or not. They may chose to associate with us, or merely use the resources we make available. As we are not a traditional church we are working together as Saints united in Christ.

We recommend Congregations be led by members of the High Priesthood, known as a Bishopric: a High Priest, a High Priestess, and a First Deacon. These three should act as one, are called of the Lord, as sustained by the congregation. They may be supported by one male and one female first elder and one male and one female first deacon.


We advise groups of congregations be led by a Council of Evangelists, made of members of each congregation and lead by a Patriarch and a Matriarch. In new areas, members of the Seventy in the Fellowship can assist those trying to organize, but it is the sustaining vote of the members of each church to determine local leadership. Evangelists travel between Congregations, preaching and laboring as needed.

The Fellowship

The Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship is lead by the Council of Elders. The First Elder and Elect Lady from the First Presidency oversees the Fellowship as counseled by the co-presidents of the Apostles, the co-presidents of the Seventy, and the Patriarch and Matriarch of the Fellowship. In addition, a lay member is chosen to represent the Assembly of the Saints. The Apostles have been called to help bring unity in Christ to the many Latter Day Saint Denominations. The Seventy have been called to help assist Saints called to organize Synagogues, Congregations. and Stakes. We are a Church only in the fact that we are a community of people. In reality, the Saints are the Church, you are the Church.


We do not have an official membership record, being a nondenominational movement, not a “church.” One may be a member of other Latter Day Saint denominations and still be counted as members of the Fellowship. To be counted as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, one must attend classes or meetings semi-regularly, and contribute financially to the movement. There is also a series of 3 discussions before membership may be extended.