The Fellowship of Christ is a nondenominational movement. We are currently organizing through the work of the Council of Fifty which is lead by the First Presidency.

The First Presidency

“The officers of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship shall consist of two co-Presidents called the First Elder and the Elect Lady, and a Secretary called the Second Elder; the three consisting a First Presidency.” –Doctrines of the Saints 3c Article VI, paragraph 1

David Ferriman—First Elder, Co-President; prophet, seer, revelator, and translator
Contact: dferriman@cjccf.org
Kristine Ferriman—Co-President; prophetess, seer, and revelator; treasurer
Contact: kferriman@cjccf.org
Ruth Mauldin—Secretary; prophetess, seer, and revelator
Contact: rmauldin@cjccf.org

The Council of Fifty

“In the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, the First Presidency over the Church may call men and women of all walks of life, from any of the Churches of Christ upon the earth, or any of those sympathetic to the Christian teachings and way of life; and these shall be called to unite the Saints, to unite God’s creation in all that has been revealed and all that will be revealed, from the creation of the earth to the return of Christ our King: and this Council shall exist as a part of the Order of the Ministry, consisting of twenty-five brothers and twenty-five sisters; and the First Presidency shall be their presidency.” –Doctrines of the Saints 50:1-3

Allen J. Broadus—Seventy; traveling minister
Contact: ajbroadus@cjccf.org
Christian Amparano—Priest/Levite
Anni Rose—Matriarch (friend of the Fellowship)
Contact: arose@cjccf.org
Jason Rogers
Contact: jrogers@cjccf.org
Tony Davis—Apostle; prophet, seer, and revelator
Alexei Christopher Mattanovich—former Apostle; prophet, seer, and revelator, emeritus status
Victoria Ramirez—former Apostle; prophetess, seer, and revelator, emeritus status
Contact: vramirez@cjccf.org
Fayellen Kraig Ely—former Apostle; prophetess, seer, and revelator, emeritus status
Contact: fely@cjccf.org
Michael Clarke—former Seventy, emeritus status
Nash Ventress, emeritus status
Apostles (seeking)
Seventy (seeking)
Seventy; traveling minister (seeking)
Patriarch (seeking)
Evangelists (seeking)
Bishop (seeking)
Priestesses (seeking)
Teachers (seeking)
Deacons (seeking)

Note: A “friend of the Fellowship” is one that is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship But is sympathetic to the cause of the Saints of Zion.