Teaching received by Victoria Ramirez from the feminine half of Elohim; our Heavenly Mother, Shekinah: the Queen of Heaven on the morning of May 9, 2019. This revelation was voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints April 6, 2020.

I awoke from sleep at about 3:00 AM and found myself in the Presence of the Divine Mother. As I was passing through that semi-lucid state, in my third eye I saw beautiful, sparkling crystalline forms, quite translucent, around Her. As I gained consciousness She introduced me to the Five Divine Graces who were with Her. I was immediately filled with excitement and amazement, and also gratitude at receiving a new revelation.

As I got out of bed, I asked Her if there was a reason for Her visit. I was going over in my mind, what I had just experienced. Previously before waking, what most stood out to me was how She said Her name or title: Queen of Heaven. Nothing less in my mind would quite capture her majesty.

My mind was suddenly brought back to a petition I wrote to the Divine Mother the previous year on my birthday, when I offered myself to be an open door for Her to enter the physical realm and be an anchor point for the Divine Feminine to express Herself in the physical universe. I committed to share my testimony of my personal encounter with Her as I know that our Heavenly Mother is ready to step forth and embrace humanity so that they may finally learn of Her true role in the process of creation with the Father and embrace Her return (Book of Remembrance 2:11, 8:19-21).

As I lay back down in bed, She and the five Graces remained fully in my presence as I fell back asleep. When I awoke later in the morning, She was still standing over me with the Five Divine Graces gathered around Her. I knew that during the last 180 minute sleep cycle She had been pouring information into my consciousness. Though I have experienced this pattern many times over the years and do not always remember specific communications, which on this occasion I was allowed to retain Her message to me in my conscious mind.

This is what She taught me, that the Five Divine Graces with her work with the chakras in our human anatomy. These Five Graces have come forward to teach us how the chakras work and that they must be cleansed and purified, as the virgins would trim their lamps, preparing them to burn clean and bright. They showed me that the trimmed lamps are symbols for the chakras in the scriptures, for they bring important lessons. Their names are connected to five of the seven chakras along the spinal column.

The Divine Mother sits at the root chakra and carries the mother light, which is represented as a Pearl (Matthew 13:45-46, Revelation 21:21), as she moves up the spine from the base of the spine to meet the Father at the crown.

The Grace of the Seat of the Soul is located at the level the navel. Her name is Prosperity (Psalm 118:25, Revelation 21:22-23), which expresses the abundant flow of Life that pours out without ceasing from the bosom of the Divine Mother.

The Grace of the solar-plexus has the name of Peace (Romans 14:17, DaC 88:125 CJCLdS), as that is the quality that she brings by virtue of maintaining harmony between all the chakras along the spine as they dance together in the creative process.

The Grace of the Secret Chamber of the Heart, whose name is Christiana (DaC 88:125 CJCLdS, Book of Remembrance 9:13), brings the quality of the Christ-bearer. It is located in the thymus area, also known as the High Heart, where the God Spark resides.

The Grace of the throat chakra, located in the area of the larynx, whose name is Joy (Mosiah 1:49 RAV, 2:17 OPV, Romans 12:1, 9-13), brings the quality of Divine Will to serve God in all.

The Grace of the third eye is located just above the brow in the center of the forehead. Her name is Ruby (Job 28:12-20, Proverbs 20:15),  and she reflects the quality of creativity as she joins in the dance of creation with the Language of Light, healing and health with the rest of the Graces as the Mother Light is raised up the spinal column to join the dance of the Beloved with the Divine Lover, who loves all life.

With this revelation, I now know why I was impressed to remove the section on the chakras from my book to be added later.

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