Moroni, a great prophet, lived in America in about 400 AD. After the destruction of his people by bloodshed, he and those who believed in Christ as he did, continued to worship and write.


1 I, Moroni, did have many visitations from the beloved disciples and others, for they did go through the cities and gather into themselves all who would not make a pact with the devil. Yea, there were some who were truly born of God and would not covenant with Satan to plunder and murder to get gain; but others did have vengeance in their hearts and did murder for the sake of the desire for blood.
2 But behold, there were some who did not take up the sword to murder and plunder but did pray to God for their deliverance and these did pray continually, and I was one of them. And I was visited by the beloved disciples and others and they did minister to me; yea, they were in me as a flaming fire and did change my flesh so there was light in me instead of darkness.
3 And this came about on this wise: I did know some people in a certain city who were every bit as I, praying continually for ourselves and our people, for we did see that the abomination was upon our nation and there was no way to turn the tide. Therefore, we did gather together and hide ourselves, for our cities had become desolate. And we did band together for protecttion, going from place to place in secret, for we knew not when we would come upon a large army and be destroyed.
4 And in this city a man had a tunnel built below the street so that he could go into the floor of his house and escape through the tunnel into the street. Therefore we set guards continually at the door of the house and we did live secretly by means of the guards; for when marauders came we would escape into the tunnel and preserve ourselves alive by this means.
5 And it came to pass that as we were sitting at meat, there came a great pounding at the door and we were sore afraid for the guard did not warn us of someone coming, therefore we did quickly go into the tunnel, but we could not go all the way into the tunnel for it was filled with rushing water, it being now the rainy season and the main tunnel having been built of stones for the run-off water. But we did crowd into the connecting tunnel, being thirteen people, and did attempt to hide ourselves.
6 But the man did gain entrance into the house, by what means I knew not, for the door was bolted; and he did even lift the stone and call into the tunnel to the owner of the house whose name was Ammaron. And he did continue to call out his name until Ammaron did take courage and did come forth. And when he did come forth the man did stretch forth his hand and gave him a sign so that he knew that he was friendly. Then he did throw his arms about the man and did kiss him with great rejoicing for we all had been sore afraid; having lost many of our loved ones by the sword. And so we did come forth one by one from the tunnel with great rejoicing for we knew that this man had been sent forth from God as our Savior.
7 And the man’s name was Shulemna, which interpreted means one of many of the Messengers of Light for such are all who come forth to minister for those who shall be heirs of salvation. Not withstanding, we all knew that our salvation is in Jesus Christ from the beginning unto the end, yet those who came to us from the regions of light bear that same message and that same name. And their work is a labor of love by which they draw us into oneness with their order and make us one with them.
8 And he did abide with us and bless us with his ministry and instruct us in many wonderful things which we had not hither to fore known. And others did also minister to us and take us step by step into a higher order of things. And he did go out and bring others to where we were gathered until we became a large number of people, so that we spread out to other houses that had been left desolate; but we did unite as one and lift up our hearts as one and sing praises as one until we were about fifty-four souls.
9 And there was never before seen such great and marvelous things that were shown to us and the miracles that were daily happening to each one of us or as a body of people. And we began to be exceedingly happy for the fear of being slain did no longer take hold of us and we did mourn the loss of our loved ones no more.
10 Thus, while the work of destruction was going on all around us, we saw that we were entering a new law and a new order of things; and the old world that we had lived in was passing away so that it was in our consciousness no more. Yea, the old world did wax old like a garment that was shredded and we cast it out of our minds and found all things new.
11 Behold there were none of us, no, not one who wanted to go back to that old world; for we were full of the joy and peace which we had never known before. And we were visited by other holy men who remained with us and our hearts were filled for the love which we did feel from these holy men. And our eyes were opened to see great and marvelous things which are unknowable and unspeakable to the old world but joyous to those partakers who cast aside the old that they can enter into the new.
12 And all these things I have written and are sealed, but they can be manifest to those who come up to receive them. Yea, they are open to all who will enter in and partake until their old flesh is renewed and all things have become holy and new.
13 And thus we changed so that our ears did hear, and our eyes did see the great and marvelous things which have been hid from the world but manifest to those who would receive and come up higher.
14 And we did wax stronger and stronger in our faith in Jesus Christ and we did commence to know great power in ourselves insomuch that we could simply think in our consciousness and we would be there. And by this means we did find many of the people who had banded together as we had and did minister to them also, so that the work of the gathering into Christ did commence all over the land; for God would not suffer that any of those who had faith in Christ and did follow the directions of His Spirit should be lost. No, not one was lost, for such is the promise of the Father unto us that Jesus made when He did visit our fathers in the flesh in His resurrection.
15 Yea, and of such are the promises of all the Fathers unto us, for they all did speak of these same things; but the great body of the people did not believe the Fathers when these things were spoken to them, so their mighty works and promises were hid up. Yea, they did speak of many great and marvelous works, but were commanded to be hid up for a more believing generation.
16 And behold, I give these things unto you now, knowing that you are a stiff-necked generation; yea, I know that your brow is brass and your neck is an iron sinew and that you are hard of hearing. Nevertheless, I give you these things that I have sealed up because of your desire and because you have asked.
17 But remember, oh remember, that he that receives only the lesser portion of the word of God receives no more, and he who receives the greater portion is given more until it is given to him to receive all that God would give him; and thus he would come to know God, knowing all His works. And thus he would come to partake of all the glory of God as he comes to enter into all His works.
18 And these works are hidden to most, sealed on the back with seven seals as His servant John did state, but they are not sealed to us who enter therein; for we have, through our faith in Christ, loosed the seals. And we have a free and open communion with one another. Yea all those who have loosed the seals do know each other, for it is manifest unto us as we do minister and are ministered to. And it is by this means that we do enter into the same order and partake of the same works, which works are the works of salvation.
19 And thus we have power over death and fear and suffering and pain and are caught up in our consciousness, for I did behold with the eyes of my spirit things which I could not before behold. And by this means did my natural senses begin to be quickened within me until my faith was so sure that I did with certainty bear witness with my natural senses that which I did before behold with my spiritual eyes. And I do now proclaim and bear witness that there were many who did preserve themselves from death and the sword and did come into a higher order of things, even as it was in the days of old so was it so with us; for we did begin to behold with our natural senses and experience in our flesh, the fulfillment of all the things which our fathers had promised.
20 Yea the promises of the Fathers were all fulfilled in us; and I, Moroni, do now declare it unto you, O ye nations, that they are about to be fulfilled in you. For do ye suppose that ye can escape the wrath of a just God? Do ye suppose that He who holds the balance of justice in His hand will preserve you forever in your sins, and your abominations, your idolatry, and your murders?
21 Come ye out, oh ye nations, that ye drink not of the wrath of her fornications. Come ye out of her O my little ones, for the trumpets have sounded, and your mighty ones, yea, all your lofty ones are about to be brought low even as my kindred and my people were. For behold there are none left; for those who would not believe and set their feet on that highway of holiness have all been taken away and their carcasses are strewn upon the earth.
22 Do ye suppose that God will not fulfill His promises? Do ye suppose that His works will come to naught? Do ye suppose that He who spared not the wicked in Noah’s day will spare you? Do ye suppose that ye are different? For He who spared not, but destroyed the people in Noah’s day, or the Jaredite nation, or my own people and nation will now preserve you? Behold I say unto you, nay, for I have seen you and I do see you now; and I do declare it unto you that you are about to be destroyed, and none of you will escape unless you hearken unto all my words.
23 Yea, hearken O ye my little ones; lift up your hearts, and open your ears to hear, and anoint your eyes so that you can see. Behold the promises of the Fathers unto you, for they are the same promises which preserved me and some few out of my nation, and the strict conformity with these promises will preserve you. Yea, I say unto you, ye need not be destroyed as my people were, but you can be preserved; for did not our fathers prophecy that we would be preserved? And by what means were we preserved according to the promises of the Father?
24 Behold we were preserved by coming into Christ the Son of God and not only did we come into Christ the Son of God, but we did come into Christ the Father. And do ye not know that you cannot come into Christ the Father until you have come into Christ the Son?
25 For Behold the work of the Father is above the work of the Son and it cannot commence until the work of the Son is completed in you. And then and not until then can the work of the Father commence, for thus it is. Amen.


1 AND Behold did not Jesus tell our fathers with His own mouth that the work of the Father would commence amongst all nations to the preservation of our souls, both temporally and spiritually? But first spiritual and then temporally which is the beginning of the work, and again, first temporally and then spiritually, which is the ending of the work. And do you not know that the commencement of the work of the Father’s is the consummation of the work of the Son? And these things have been hid up from you because of your unbelief in the work of the Son. But now are they to be manifest to you, if not all, then a select few, that you might be blessed, even as we were.
2 For Behold the work of the Father did commence among us; those who did believe and fulfill the law of the Son; for no one can come into the Father except by way of the Son; and the commencement of the work of the Father is the commencement of the work of the Fathers by which we were all gathered into one great whole; even the Fathers in heaven did go about gathering us into themselves until we were all one with them. And thus are the promises of the Fathers fulfilled on the heads of the children, that we might all be gathered into them. And by this means are the promises fulfilled.
3 And thus did the Fathers who are the Shulemna minister to us who had gathered out of the world for the safety of our souls, and thus did we, when the work of the Father had been fulfilled, become Shulemna and go about the land gathering others, until all was fulfilled. Behold, the work of the Father was fulfilled on the one hand to the salvation of our souls, both temporally and spiritually. And on the other hand, the work of the devil was fulfilled, for he did claim all that were his, and he did reign with blood and horror on the earth.
4 And thus were the prophecies of Nephi fulfilled; for he did truly see our day, as we both have truly seen yours, O ye nations, for in every nation it is the same, that the time will come when that nation is ripe in iniquity that there must needs be an entire separation of the righteous from the wicked, and the righteous will He preserve unto the salvation of their souls, and then are the wicked left to the destruction, which bringeth on the abomination that maketh desolate.
5 Gather ye out O ye nations; gather ye out that the work of the Fathers might commence in you. Yea, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Father and the Son, gather ye out that all the promises and mighty works of God might be fulfilled.
6 Behold, I say unto you who have started to come into Christ the Son, come ye into Christ the Father, also; for did I not tell you in words of plainness that if you would come into Christ the Son, then would the greater things become manifest unto you? And it is because of your unbelief that the greater things have not come unto you. Behold, the greater things are the works of the Father which are unfolded unto all of those who come.
7 Yea, they are unfolded by the Fathers themselves and it is for this reason that God did promise the sending of Elijah to plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the Fathers. And it is by the spirit and power of Elijah who is one of the Shulemna that the hearts of the children do turn to the Fathers lest they be smitten and wasted at the coming of the Lord.
8 And Behold, the time is nigh at hand for the coming of the Lord, therefore, O ye nations, turn ye into the Fathers. Yea, turn ye, O ye my little ones, turn ye into the Fathers that ye might be blessed with the fulfilling of the promise.
9 And Behold as I did go forth and minister to bring others into the work of the Fathers, there began to be great peace in my soul; yea I did mourn the loss of my loved ones no more, for I began to find others whose hearts and minds were changed into the service of our God, and our hearts were sealed together as one wherever we did go.
10 And thus we did journey about over all the face of the land, traveling in our consciousness, for there was nothing that pertained to that old world that we could not see; and there was nothing that could encumber us, for we did have power over all things so that no ravenous beast or poisonous serpent could attack us, for we had overcome the fear in our hearts towards the animals, and thus their fear and enmity towards us was gone.
11 And when we came upon a Lamanite or an enemy, they would not see us, but would pass by within touching distance and would not Behold our presence but would be struck dumb so that they could not move; or sometimes the fear would take hold of them so that they would shake and tremble and drop their swords and run away.
12 And by this means we began to see that we did have power in ourselves to do all things which were expedient for us to do in the work of the gathering; for we could preserve whom we would preserve, and not by our own strength, but it was the power of God in us and thus it was fulfilled that which is written by Isaiah, they shall roar like young lions and lay hold of the prey and carry away safe and none can deliver.
13 Behold there was no power which could hold us, nor was there anything that could delay us from our prescribed duty, and our prescribed duty was to rescue from death those who would come all the way into the Fathers. And thus we did gather into the Fathers all who would come, and teach them the laws by which they might be saved. And thus we did journey over all the face of the land and take them out, one of a city, two of a family, and bring them to Zion.
14 And we were filled with the power and the joy of our God for we did know and understand the promises and the work of the Fathers and behold it is a marvelous work and a wonder even to this time, and from this time forever-more, even unto the last generation. Yea, verily it is the same work and it changes not.
15 And thus we began to be quickened in all our physical senses; for the natural eye had never beheld nor the ear ever heard before the things which we began to both see and hear and understand, and we did not only Behold with our whole being; and whether we did see with our body or with our spirit, we could not tell, for it did seem to us both the same for we were filled with light to Behold all things. And we did behold many sacred records, for God did ordain that His people in any place or time should keep a record of their works and God did see that those records were preserved.
16 And Behold, it came to pass that Ammaron did again take possession of the sacred records; for he was the son of Jeron, who was the son Ammaron, the same who did hide up the sacred writings. And Ammaron did take possession of the records of his fathers which are many, and he does have charge of them unto this day. And they will come forth when the Father ordains it, and until that time they will be hid up, for God has decreed that He will first try the faith of His people.
17 But behold they are known to us and they can be made known to any whose faith is sufficiently strong, for the Fathers do desire to give us all things just as soon as we can receive them. And behold there is nothing that they will withhold; for behold all things are ours, and we are Christ’s and Christ is God’s. And thus it is that we are gathered together in one. Amen.


1 AND now as I was saying concerning the many records, for we did perceive that there were many records kept that we knew not of and we did see that they were in God’s hands and, therefore, were preserved to come forth by the will of the Father. And as we did perceive the records we did also perceive in our consciousness the content of the records and we did know and bear record that they did tell of the many marvelous works of God in every time and every place.
2 And we did see that Jesus did visit all people everywhere who were of the house of Israel, for they were scattered on all the face of the earth and on the isles of the sea. But Jesus did truly visit them according to His promise and there were none save those who had kept the covenants of their fathers that He did visit.
3 And behold we did perceive that some were like unto our people at the time of the coming of Jesus in His resurrection, dwindling in unbelief. But they did receive Him like unto our people and He did bring in a new order of things in whatsoever place He did visit.
4 And they did keep their sacred records, and those who did become the Shulemna did take charge of those records and they have them unto this day; and thus God’s people are gathered into the Fathers, for behold you see that all God’s works, both His people and His words and His holy treasure, are gathered into one, for thus was it stated by the prophet Ether and many others in his time and from their people were taken up and did not taste of death, for I have seen them and they have ministered unto me. Yea, I do know of all their marvelous words which are the words of the Fathers and it is not preserved in your records because you know not any of the Father’s works.
5 And the brother of Jared also, and his family, for behold they did fulfill all the promises of God therefore they did obtain heaven; yea they did obtain heaven and their history I have written and sealed it up. For behold the brother of Jared did look into heaven and behold the family of God and did know and did understand that priesthood which is the family of God. And he did see that it did encompass all the peoples of the earth who did come into God, yea, from the beginning even unto the end of time.
6 And he did see that as our Father Adam did go forth on the earth and they did multiply, for behold they were many to begin with, and our Father Adam was the first of many; therefore they were all organized from the beginning in a heavenly manner and they did know from whence they came and did continue that type here upon the earth, for that order did exist among them which had always been from everlasting to everlasting.
7 For they were of one heart and one mind, and one flesh, being in harmony with one another; and, thus, there was peace and love amongst them, for there was no separation because of the harmony. And they did not set one before the other, for all were equal and as one. And because of this oneness, the earth did flourish under their hands for the earth did recognize and respond to their dominion and did bring forth abundantly for the joy of the Lord. And when children were born unto them they did continue the heavenly order for the love of God, which is the priesthood of God, was in them to its perfection.
8 But behold, as the children began to grow up and exercise their own will contrary to the love of God, the disharmony began to destroy the Holy Order of God, for the oneness began to dissipate. And they began to divide off from the order which had been established by their fathers and go forth two by two; therefore, there began to be a great division in the Holy Order and the oneness which once existed in that priesthood remained only with a select few who did follow the Holy Order.
9 And behold when Cain did slay his brother Abel, and it did cause great havoc in the Holy Order, for it did introduce the works of Satan for the first time into the Holy Order itself, for previous to this time Satan did have no hold on the hearts of the children of God, the only evil they did before this time was the consequence of their own choices being out of harmony with the Holy Order, which order existed because of God working in man.
10 But behold when Cain did rise up and slay his brother, he did it by covenant with his father, and thus power was given Satan to begin his reign in the children of God in the flesh. And thus did the work of destruction run rampant in the Holy Order, for Satan began from that time forth to rage in their hearts.
11 And behold the children of God did from that time forth begin to choose Satan as their father, for they chose not anymore to follow after the Order of the Ancient of Days. Therefore did Enoch see that heaven did weep over her children for they did choose Satan as their father and chose some other law or order than His priesthood. Therefore they chose Satan and his priesthood; and thus did Satan’s kingdom grow up and he rules his kingdom unto this day.
12 And the children of this world know not that Satan is their father and that he reigns in their hearts, even all. And even those who have chosen Jesus Christ the Son of God have not chosen Him as their Father for verily, verily, if they have chosen Him as their Father then will He lead them into the Father; for did He not promise that He would even introduce the Father to them and both the Father and the Son would abide in them?


1 AND now I, Moroni, would speak unto you again, O ye nations, for did I not say unto you that the work of the Father is above the work of the Son? And did Jesus not promise that the work of the Father would commence among all nations unto the fulfilling of the covenant unto the Fathers? And did the Father not promise that His plan would be to gather all nations and make them again one people, and He would be their God and they would be His people?
2 But He cannot be their God and they be His people if they choose not to be gathered unto His Holy Order and His Priesthood for His Holy Order is His Priesthood, and His Priesthood is of the Father. And behold, no one can remain in Satan’s dominion and come unto the Priesthood of the Father for that priesthood is oneness in the Father.
3 And thus did the brother of Jared see that as the children of God lost the Holy Order of God and went forth two by two on the land, the Priesthood of the Father was lost unto them; and it was for this reason that the Son of God came into the world to lead them back into the oneness which was the Priesthood of the Father.
4 And thus is Christ both the Father and the Son. The Father because of the oneness of the Godhead in Him and the Son because of the flesh.
5 And behold if we will submit ourselves in the flesh to the will of the Father we can come back into the Holy Order of God and, thereby, will the work of the Father commence in us to bring us back into the Priesthood of the Father. For it was promised that that same priesthood which was in the beginning of the world will be in the end of the world also; and thus will the Father gather together in one all things in heaven and earth; and thus will all things become new, for God has promised to make a new heaven and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness.
6 And thus will Satan’s kingdom dwindle in us as a garment that waxeth old and passeth away, and all things become new. And then will Satan’s kingdom dwindle outside us; but it cannot dwindle outside of us unless we gather out of his kingdom for his kingdom and dominion is anything that is opposite to the Holy Order of God, for thus it was from the days of old and thus, it remains today.
7 For behold, the Father cannot build up His kingdom and dominion in the midst of great Babylon; for all who remain in the world are yet a part of the world. For the Priesthood of the Father consists of the oneness of the Godhead, which oneness and Godhead remain in the heavens unless they are established on the earth by the Sons of God joining with each other in that oneness.
8 And how can they be one if they refuse to join in that oneness? Behold, are they not still separate and single and, thus, outside of the Godhead? Therefore the Priesthood of the Father wherein dwelleth the power of God cannot come to them; even though the priesthood of the Son be with them in some measure.
9 And now behold, the brother of Jared did see all things on the earth and he did see that it is the Priesthood of the Father which rules and governs all things in heaven and on the earth, and from it issues forth the family of God, both in heaven and on the earth, for it is the power of the Godhead. And the brother of Jared did from that time forth organize his family after this heavenly order, for he did understand that it was the only way he could bring his family into union with the Godhead.
10 Nevertheless the brother of Jared had before that time lived the Holy Order in some measure, for it had been handed down from the Fathers and was the natural pattern followed by all those who followed the true and living God, and had come down to them since the days of Adam. But he did see and know that his family on earth must be connected into the family of God in heaven by an holy ordinance; for, thus, it had been decreed from the beginning in the councils of the Gods, the Gods having set mess-engers to preside over the earth to bring these principles and ordinances down so that all things might be done in order.
11 And it was by this means that a way was prepared from the beginning to bring out of the earth all who would come unto the fullness of the Father. And thus it was even in the brother of Jared’s time that the work of the Father commenced to the gathering together in one of all things in heaven and earth.
12 And thus it was in I, Moroni’s time; and thus it will be forever. For the work of the Father will commence wherever there is one that will rend the heavens to commence the work of the Father; and ye know not the works of the Father because ye believe not the works of the Son.

1 AND now I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning this holy ordinance and covenant which was decreed by God that men must enter into; for behold, do ye suppose that God will receive unto Himself by some other means than that which He has ordained? Or can the pot that is being molded and formed say to the potter, form me some other way?
2 Behold I say unto you, nay, for the potter retains control over that which he is forming and if it forms up imperfectly, he throws it back unto the lump from whence it came to be formed again. And thus did the council of the Gods decree all things unto man on the earth by an holy ordinance, and those who came not unto the ordinances are being formed imperfectly and will be cast off at the last day.
3 Behold I say unto you, council not your God, but be meek and humble and lowly of heart, even as the brother of Jared was; for behold he did talk to God face to face, and did behold all the workings of God from the beginning to the end and did remain in his humility, and did follow in strict conformity all things as he was commanded and, thus, he was blessed and did become a blessing unto his family.
4 For behold he did organize his family after an heavenly ordinance; and they did thereby connect themselves to the heavenly family so that all things were the same both in heaven and on the earth, and thus were they gathered together into one, and thus did they obtain heaven, even as many as would follow the heavenly ordinance, and those who would not did not partake of the heavenly gifts or have communion with the heavenly family.
5 And behold it was very grievous to Jared and his brother when their people did want a king, for there is no place in the heavenly order for a king, for all are anointed kings and priests unto the most high God and are appointed by God Himself and not by man; and being appointed by God there can be no unrighteousness in their rule to bring the people down unto destruction. But behold, God giveth to the people whatsoever thing they want, even if it be unto destruction; therefore, they did choose a king and the Holy Order was done away.
6 And now I would not have you believe that the Holy Order was done away immediately, for behold there were many who did keep the ordinances and as many as did keep the ordinances with a firm mind in every form of Godliness did wash their garments in the Blood of the Lamb and were sanctified and did obtain heaven.
7 And it is written of them that they died, but even so it is written that Adam also died, and Seth, and Enos and it is written that Moses died also; but behold, that record is for those who are subject onto death that it might be suitable to their understanding. But unto others it is given that they might know that the priesthood has the power over death until Cain did covenant with Satan to introduce death; for behold the Priesthood of the Father is the Priesthood of life.
8 And He who is the author and source of life cannot also be the source of death; and those who were born under the protection of that priesthood were not subject to the death that came by Satan until the murderous power was introduced by the will and choice and covenant of one of the Sons of God. For until that time, Satan was bound, for he had no hold on the hearts of the children of God only as they began to choose against the priesthood of their father; and as they did, they did willing subject themselves and their children to be bound by the chords of death.
9 For the justice of God could give them no protection from the powers of Satan contrary to their choice and it was by this means that the Holy Order did begin to crumble away and Satan’s dominion and power did begin to reign in its place.
10 Behold the free agency of man will always remain inviolate even if he chooses that which will bind Him unto death; and, thus, did the heavens weep over Him as he did bring himself and his children down to be subject to the God which they choose, which God is death and hell and the grave.
11 And these were the things which the brother of Jared saw and, seeing this, he did have power to order his family to bring them into harmony with the true God of Heaven and, thus, by strict obedience to these laws of heaven, which laws are the Priesthood of the Fathers, those who were obedient there unto, did, through the atonement of Christ, escape the justice of God until death, and, by overpowering death, did arise without tasting death unto that same Eternal Life which is in the Fathers.
12 And behold, it is also stated in my father’s record that there were exceeding many who did obtain this condition of heaven and they are all one, even a part of the One God.
13 And behold it is also stated that that same Priesthood which was in the beginning of the earth will be in the end of the earth also; for it is by this means, and this means only, that the people can be preserved from the jaws of death which Satan did introduce into the Holy Order of God in the beginning and thus did begin his reign of blood and horror and death in the world.


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