Together in Sisterhood

As early as November of 2019 Kristine, the Elect Lady and co-president of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, received a revelation to the Fellowship and the Sisterhood of Christ. She did not, however feel the time was right to write this revelation down. On May 19, 2020 being in the Spirit of the Lord, she felt the time had come and recorded the following:

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Parables of Matthew Thirteen Part 3: Church Fathers

The parables of Matthew thirteen reveal to us some of the grandest endtime truths Jesus ever uttered. Truths for our day. Our Lord chronicles for us certain events of the church age by using veiled language; i.e., a sower sowing seed, a mustard seed, leaven in a loaf, treasure hid in a field, pearl of great price, the dragnet, and a scribe. Read part one on the Parables of Matthew Thirteen here, and part two here. Our Church Fathers After…

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