The following are some common questions people have had about the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship (the Fellowship).

Isn’t there only one Mormon Church?

No. The Church of Jesus Christ, founded by Joseph Smith Jr. became disorganized upon his death, though his original church still exists in Michigan with approximately 300 members. The keys to the kingdom were in the hands of a number of men, including but not limited to the 12 apostles, and Smith’s second counselor, Sidney Rigdon. Unfortunately, the keys of the First Presidency were lost to the Latter-day Saints (the largest Mormon denomination) when the 12 abandoned the church, taking the majority of members out west. There they started a new church with a slight change to the name using the authority stated in their Doctrine and Covenants section 107. This section points out that the combined quorum of apostles as the same authority as the First Presidency, even without the keys of such, giving them every right to firm their own church.

Others had the same or lesser keys, and were called of God to continue the work that all may be edified in Christ. Not everyone was up to the task of going west, and not all desired to be polygamists. In addition, the Lord knew the heart of Brigham Young and ensured there would be branches of the Church of Jesus Christ that would give the keys of the priesthood to all that are worthy, regardless of race or gender. And, many branches rejected various keys restored by Joseph Smith all together, including the LDS branch. By allowing for a number of branches of Zion to be created, the Lord ensured that more souls could come unto him and that all of the keys would be available on the Earth.

For a list of a few of these branches, click here.

What do you mean “nondenominational Mormon?” 

A nondenominational Mormon is a nondenominational Christian which is any Christian that doesn’t belong to any particular earthly church or denomination. As Latter Day Saints and Mormons, we understand that Joseph Smith is a modern prophet, and that the Book of Mormon is a book of Scripture, just as the Bible. To be clear, this organization does not favor and Latter Day Saint denomination, however members may still belong to or have strong feelings for one or more established denominations.

By what or who’s authority are you doing this?

Every member of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship was brought to the Church by the Holy Spirit. All positions are given through the spirit of prophecy and revelation. The founder was called of God and given the keys of the Melchizedek priesthood, the office of elder, by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Though he has been excommunicated for his testimony of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, these keys cannot be taken away by man. In addition, the angel Raphael, who is the same Melchizedek that Abraham paid tithes to (resurrected), was sent by the Lord and placed his hands upon David’s head, ordaining him to the office of High Priest, just as he did Joseph Smith. This was to ensure he had the keys needed to organize the Fellowship.

What is the point of all this?

For too long Christians have been at war with each other, a war of ideologies. The Lord wishes for this to end. We are all one Church in Christ. We all grow in Grace as we follow the Spirit. The reason, in the Lord has given us all different denominations and branches of Christianity to create a place for everyone on their spiritual level. The Devil uses the differences between us to create chaos and contention. The Lord wishes for this to end and for all Christians to live in harmony, focusing on what we have in common – faith in the Lord Jesus Christ – and not our differences.


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