The Fellowship is also a bridge to help Latter Day Saints cross the divide created by warring in ideologies.

The three fold mission of the Fellowship:

  1. Grow closer to Christ; as individuals and as a community
  2. Bring others to Christ; into the Fellowship or whichever branch of Christ’s Church they best fit
  3. Fellowship together as Christians; worshiping Jesus through God’s Word, the Sacraments, ministry, outreach, and jubilee

The Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship (or “the Fellowship”) is a branch of the Latter Day Saint Restorational movement (Mormons) started by Joseph Smith Jr. We are a nondenominational Mormon branch of the Christian faith.

The Fellowship is not a church. The name comes from the original name of Joseph Smith’s church, the Church of Jesus Christ, and what we do, create a safe place for Christian fellowship.

This site was not created to condemn or reject any of the other branches of Christianity, or Mormonism in general, or any other church/denomination/religion.

Salvation is not tied to a church, it is tied to our Savior: Jesus Christ. The Bible won’t save us, the Book of Mormon won’t save us; Jesus will save us, if we but accept him.

Regardless of religion, if one has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior this site is meant to be a place for you – this Fellowship is for you.

It is the will of the Lord through that we create a place where those looking to worship Jesus and study the Word of God without bigotry or rejection can come and find peace, and a place where the Lord can continue to reveal his Word to mankind.

The Lord is looking for volunteers to help build the Fellowship, as we do not have a paid ministry. If you feel the Spirit that brought you here (the Lord put you on the path that brought you to this site) asking you to participate, please reach contact the Church via email:


God bless.

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