The following are a list of categories of articles, scriptures, revelations, and more to be found on this website.


General articles in a variety of topics.

Learn More

A variety of articles written to educate and/or inform on the following topics :

Articles for those wanting to learn more about God, faith, or the Christian religion.

Articles written for disciple discussions and home worship.

Articles written to teach the Kabbalistic point of view from the Latter Day Saint perspective.

Articles written to help disciples and minsters.

Articles discussing events that lead up to the creation of the Fellowship and various other relevant histories.


Articles and various dreams, visions, revelations and more that may be seen as scripture by the Fellowship.


Dreams, visions, and revelations given from God to the Fellowship.

Pending Scripture

Dreams, visions, revelations and more that will be voted on as scripture at the next Conference by the Assembly of the Saints.