Joseph Smith Jr

Joseph’s Sermon on John’ Revelation

The following sermon was given by Joseph Smith Jr. Saturday April 8, 1843 as recorded by William Clayton. Due to the teachings found within, members of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship are asked to read and pray on it to see if it should include it in the final version of our Doctrine and Covenants. Please follow and like us:

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Revelation through Joesph Smith Jr. to James Strang

The letter and revelation by Joseph Smith Jr. to James Strang. Emma Smith verified that Joseph Smith Jr. write the letter. And, The handwriting was verified by the firm,Tyrell and Doud, who stated: “A brief observation of these four documents indicates that the education and word usage was consistent with the theory that all four documents were authored by one individual” (Shepard, William 1977; James J. Strang: Teachings of a Mormon Prophet. Burlington, WI). Please follow and like us:

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