Revelation received by Apostle Alexei Christopher Mattanovich, October 19, 2018. Instruction on the mind and disposition of the Christ toward us all, and how we ought to look on our brothers and sisters. This revelation was voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints April 6, 2020.

  1. Hear the voice of your Redeemer, who purchased you with a price and ransomed you from your captors. Out of gratitude, hear me.
  2. I say give unto others as I have given you: Return generosity for generosity, patience for patience, forgiveness for forgiveness, kindness for kindness.
  3. Be longsuffering in enduring persecution, even unto the end, remaining in loyalty and love,
  4. For the one who would suffer long and endure the offenses of a brother or sister, not to condemn them, but to show forth conviction, which conviction will soften their hearts and by and by will lead them unto repentance, will save a brother or sister thereby.
  5. Remain loyal to the highest principles, and spare judgement, for the day of judgement is not yet, and you will retain forgiveness for your offenses, even those you know not of, for My eye sees all.
  6. If you are persecuted and yet are loath to bring your persecutor to court, even before me, the highest court, to judge them, I shall remember it when you are brought before me by your adversary, and I will acquit you of your wrongdoing;
  7. Purchase therefore freedom in forgiveness, and fear not anything;
  8. And when someone sins against you, do not hate and say, I am wronged, but love and say, I am made free hereby; and by and by you will have the mind of Christ and the heart of Christ.
  9. Be a friend to all my creation, and you are a friend to me. Whatsoever I have given you, even all, give unto my children.
  10. What more can you need than the love and blessings and appreciation of a kind father, yea even an Eternal Father?
  11. And verily wisdom reigneth in thy heart, and thou art beyond reproach, and innocent before me.
  12. And unto the innocent await all good things, and all recompense, beyond what you have thought to ask for or that the mind can conceive.
  13. And no wrongs that can be endured in the mortal world can compare with the gifts and glories and goodness of God in the Heavenly Realm, which await the faithful, so why regard them as aught?
  14. Verily to be where I am, you shall become like me, and shine brighter than the sun, radiating my light for a beacon in the night, that all may glorify me and seek to do likewise.
  15. I am the first and the last, the author and finisher of your faith, your Advocate with the Father, and your exemplar. And ever ye do these things, I am with you, and my approbation rests upon you, and ye shall not fear. Amen.
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