The Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship is a nondenominational movement. We are currently organizing through the work of the Council of Fifty which is lead by the Council of Elders.

Council of Elders

David Ferriman—First Elder; prophet, seer, revelator, and translator
Contact: dferriman@cjccf.org
Elect Lady; prophet, seek, and revelator (seeking)
Alexie Christopher Mattanovich—Apostle; prophet, seer, and revelator
Contact: amatt@cjccf.org
Victoria Ramirez—Apostle; prophet, seer, and revelator
Contact: vramirez@cjccf.org
Allen J. Broadus—Seventy; traveling minister
Contact: ajbroadus@cjcf.org
Seventy; traveling minister (seeking)
Patriarch (seeking)
Matriarch (seeking)
Kristine Ferriman—Bishop/Pastor; treasurer
Contact: kferriman@cjccf.org

Other members of the Council of Fifty

Neal Borzea
Contact: nborzea@cjccf.org
Tyler Hinds
Contact: thinds@cjccf.org
Alex Hoover
Contact: ahoover@cjccf.org
Jason Rogers—Education Committee Chair
Contact: jrogers@cjccf.org
Nash Ventress
Second Elder (seeking)
Apostles (seeking)
Seventy (seeking)
Evangelists (seeking)
Bishop (seeking)
Priests (seeking)
Priestesses (seeking)
Teachers (seeking)
Deacons (seeking)
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